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Many students entering college today are giving just one reason as to why they are there. Easily the number one stated goal of current undergraduates is to find a good job and make money after graduation.

The two major considerations they list in selecting one area of academic study over another are the earnings potential and the likelihood of finding a job upon graduation. Today's student is concentrating on becoming employable.

Business Majors
With that in mind, it is not surprising to find that business remains one of the Student working on his degreemost popular undergraduate college degree programs. A business degree gives graduates the background to move into a marketing, sales, management or finance position. Graduates with a business major are highly employable and may receive a nice starting salary.

An additional advantage is that many employers will allow their employees to pursue an MBA degree while on the job and may even contribute to the tuition costs. Having an MBA on your resume will greatly increase your earning power and career options.

Engineering Majors
Engineering is another popular degree that is highly desirable in terms of ability to find employment upon graduation and the level of starting salary. Engineering opportunities are expected to continue to grow over the next decade. Starting salaries for engineering majors are among the highest for students with any undergraduate degree. Government statistics estimate that the top 10% of workers in the field currently earn an average of $132,000 annually. Engineering degree programs can be difficult to get into and students will have to complete a rigorous curriculum of engineering, math and science classes.

English and History Majors
English and history continue to be popular majors among today's students. While these majors may not have the strong hiring record that business or engineering do for recent graduates, they do offer an entrance into a variety of fields. Teaching, journalism, writing, and publishing are some of the areas that graduates with these degrees may find opportunities. And even in traditional business fields, you will find many companies that prefer to hire a well-rounded liberal arts student with excellent verbal and writing skills. These types of companies may choose to hire good students and then provide their own specific training for the job. English and history are also two areas of study that many students select if they intend to continue on to graduate school.

Biology Majors
Biology is another major that remains a top choice that can also be a stepping stone to graduate school. Prospective medical school students often choose biology as their undergraduate field of study. And students who move on to a graduate degree in biology will find career possibilities in biotechnology, health care, research and microbiology.

Computer Science and IT Majors
Computer science and information technology are other fields that continue to grow in popularity as technology becomes more and more critical in virtually every business, organization and industry. Much like engineering, a major in computer science or information technology will involve math and some pretty intense classes. But the students that are graduating with a traditional or online degree in computer sciences are entering a high demand field with excellent starting salaries.

It's up to you to decide what you want to do. The availability of online college degree programs allows students to enroll at any school they want — it doesn't matter how close or far away it is. Plus, online schools offer classes that can be worked on and completed whenever and at whatever pace the student desires.

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